PLuS Alliance Prize for Research Innovation

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The PLuS (Phoenix-London-Sydney) Alliance drives innovative research and education linkages across three globally-focused universities. The Alliance contributes to a sustainable future by collaborating in the areas of sustainability, global health, social justice, technology and innovation.


The PLuS Alliance Prize is awarded annually in the categories of Research Innovation and Education Innovation, recognising outstanding innovation contributions by individuals or groups in addressing the greatest global challenges facing society today.

The PLuS Alliance Prize for Research Innovation is awarded annually to an individual, group, or organisation who has undertaken ground-breaking research that either addresses a need or solves a current problem in one or more of the areas of Global Health, Sustainability, Social Justice, or Technology & Innovation, in the previous five years.

This prize is designed to highlight innovative research that addresses:

  • a globally significant issue;
  • makes a direct and positive impact; and
  • helps, or has the potential to help communities globally.


The PLuS Alliance Prize supports the transformative power of nurturing innovation in research and education. This aligns with the PLuS Alliance mission to invest in real outcomes by promoting researchers and educators to lead the way to a sustainable future.

The PLuS Alliance leverages the strengths of three universities, and the annual Prize provides an opportunity for the recipients to foster relationships with outstanding academics and organisations around the globe. This Prize may highlight the work of an established individual, group or organisation with a long track record of success or alternatively highlight the cutting edge work of an individual, group or organisation at an early stage in their achievements.

The Prize winner in the category of research innovation will receive:

  1. Prize money of USD 25,000 (subject to any tax in the recipient’s country);
  2. Travel expenses for the individual or representative from the group or organisation, to attend the Times Higher Education Summit for the award of the Prize in London (travel and accommodation expenses for accompanying persons will not be paid, except under exceptional circumstances, which would be considered on a case-by-case basis);
  3. An opportunity for the individual or representative from the group or organisation to deliver a lecture to one of the three PLuS Alliance universities in the 12 months following award of the Prize;
  4. Linkages to the PLuS Alliance Fellows network across all three PLuS Alliance universities; 
  5. Media coverage of the conferral of the Prize.

You can contact the PLuS Alliance team at:

For help with nominating, managing teams, and submitting, refer to these video guides: - Nominating - Accepting a nomination - Completing your submission


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The PLuS Alliance is a collaborative effort of top tier research universities and educational leaders: King's College London, Arizona State University and the UNSW Sydney. It is by leveraging the combination of our expertise and strengths that we will be able to impact and address global challenges, improving lives around the world.